Is Living In A Mobile Home Park AGood Investment? Sorting the Myths From Reality

Mobile home park living is promoted as a cost-effective way for people to own a home.  The industry has worked long and hard to promote itself as an inexpensive path to home ownership.The homes look great, freshly painted, new carpet, and the promise of the freedom of home ownership.  2x6 walls, vinyl windows, fancy kitchens and other bells and whistles that look so appealing.   They pull you in by offering too good to be true low rent specials, only to sock you with high costs once the promotional period ends.  What they don't tell you is the home is going to depreciate quickly and lot rent continues to rise.  Once the promo ends, you end up paying more than what a site built home costs.  The cost of ownership continues to rise, while the value of your home continues to go down.  You will never build any equity in a trailer.  In fact, owning a trailer can be more expensive than renting when you factor in the cost of maintenance and repairs of a trailer, you are probably better of…